What is The Conservation Project?

There is so much devastation going on in the world; many of our most loved species are brinking on extinction. Yet there is limited awareness of some of the real reasons for some of the biggest problems.

The initial aim of The Conservation Project is to create a hub of information about the latest environmental and conservation issues. A longer term aim is to create a unique charity focused on collaborative ideas generation for conservation. We acknowledge that there are so many different ideas and approaches and the conservation project provides a unique platform for discussion and awareness raising. 

Foundation and Future direction – Harry Wright

By trade I may be a solicitor, but I have always had a real passion for conservation and protecting the environment. Why? The amazing species and environment should be treasured, we are destroying everything and we as a human race have very little awareness of how our every day behaviours are affecting the bigger picture.

There are so many people working on preserving our environment, however if we don’t raise awareness and address the underlying issues and behaviours, the strategies are only ever going to be very short term.

Stage 1

We want to create a central hub for the sharing content and raising awareness and welcome contributions from around the world.

Stage 2

We want The Conservation Project to build momentum and grow into something much bigger. The first stage of this will be registration as an official charity so that we can start fundraising and from there we want to provide a crowd environment for the development of Conservation projects.

Stage 3

We want to involve individuals for all over the world including key role models in the delivery of conservation projects. You will have your chance to have your say and get involved.

We look forward to reading your contributions