We are now at a turning point in human history where our planet desperately needs our help. The Conservation Project International (T-CPI) aims to create an innovative hub and net-centric partnerships around the world to mobilize greater action on some of today’s pressing converging environmental security and conservation challenges, inspiring innovative solutions, and helping build resiliency in impacted communities.

Sustainable Security, Sustainable Futures….

T-CPI will aim to collaborate with other committed partners and communities around the world on today’s pressing conservation challenges and on addressing climate change and other sustainable security issues and environmental threats that impact the planet across our oceans, rainforests, wildlife, and distressed habitats and ecosystems.

Today’s reality is that climate change and environmental threats and crimes are increasing globally and converging to make our planet less safe, more dangerous and toxic, increasing global temperatures, and bringing many endangered wildlife and plants to the brink of extinction. Our oceans are getting hotter, expanding, and becoming more acidic; they are also more polluted than ever. It is happening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bringing Our Planet and Humanity Back Into Balance….

T-CPI provides a unique platform for discussion and awareness raising. Our commitment is on harnessing new ideas, energies and solutions and leveraging collective action to inspire a new generation of conservationists and future leaders to care for the natural world. Our primary areas of focus include:

1) Oceans/marine conservation;
2) Education;
3) Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility; and
4) Wildlife trafficking/Environmental Crime.

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