Humpback Whale report by Mara Wood, 10 years old, South Brent

On Saturday 1st April 2017, my mum, my sister (Anya), my neighbour (Jeremy) and myself went to Slapton beach to go whale watching. So we walked along the beach and saw no whale at first but we saw some gannets. Gannets are very white birds and have black tips at the end of their wings. Also gannets can dive 10 metres into the sea and before they do, they go round in circles and then their wings fold in like an umbrella to get fish. Looking through my binoculars I also spotted an RNLI lifeboat near Blackpool Sands. 
While we were eating tea we realised that the lifeboat was still there, so Jeremy searched on his phone and it said 'Dramatic rescue, whale caught in crab nets again'. We realised that the lifeboat was over at Blackpool Sands saving the whale so we all gulped our food down and didn't even bother with pudding because we didn't want to miss our chance of seeing the whale!
We jumped in the car and headed to Blackpool Sands. We travelled a few yards but as I looked to my right I saw something coming out of the water and screamed 'there's the whale!'. It was unbelievable. Jeremy hit the brakes and we jumped out of the car with our binoculars and stood on the edge of the road on a grass bank staring out to sea.
As it comes up to breathe it has two holes which are called blow holes. It sprays mist both left and right and we could see this clearly. Adults weigh 36,000 Kg and my mum weighs 55 Kg and it will take 654 of her to weigh the same as a humpback whale. 
Anyway, back to the story, we saw the whale head south so we jumped back in the car. When we got to Beesands, sadly we were too late but we talked to people about the whales. There were two builders from London who saw the whale and a woman who missed it. I can't believe we were so lucky to see it. 
Photo Credits: Steph Murray: