ChargedUp: Green Energy Mobile Charging


Three students are aiming for “world domination” by creating an eco-friendly phone-charging network.

The ambitious trio – Hugo Tilmouth, Hakeem Buge and Chris Aoun – have set up a business which will hire out battery packs to charge phones via an automated renting/vending machine. This service is called ChargedUp.

The founders: (From Left to right) Hakeem Buge, Chris Aoun & Hugo Tilmouth.

The aim to set up an extensive network so the batteries – all charged using power bought from green energy suppliers – can be picked up and dropped off at a vast range of locations including coffee shops and train stations.

Picture of the battery pack in use in a botanical garden in London.

The entrepreneurs, whose company is called Innovate Energy, are all final year students in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

What makes the service unique to the U.K other than the green and renewable aspect of it, is its rental process and capability of the batteries:

- The batteries can charge up a phone twice as fast as a wall socket.

- A portion of the profits generated are donated to an African Energy Charity (to install solar powered lighting in impoverished communities).

The boys have come a long way since its start in April 2017, their company are amongst this month's finalists in the Shell LiveWIRE UK competition designed to assist and fund innovative products and services.

To learn more about this exciting new service watch the explanatory video here and to learn about the service and VOTE for them in the Shell competition check out the link here

Picture of what the Shell livewire voting page looks like with the ChargedUp video highlighted in Green

 NB: In the competition the company is under the name of one of the founders: Hugo Tilmouth.

They need all the Help they can get. Let’s support them.