A short wildlife documentary based in the humid peat swamp forests of Central Kalimantan, Borneo where a story is told of the truly remarkable relationship between two great ape males. In the absence of one, it is up to the other to find him, and in doing so we realise who is really lost after all.

– Filmed and produced by Deya Ward (instagram: deyaward)
– In collaboration with Dr Birute Galdikas and the Orangutan Foundation International
– Original Score by Corvina (Xinyan) Lee

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Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool to strike change, to communicate issues and inspire us to work together through weaving the messages through a visual and audible sound form.  I hope people will be moved by the change in opinion of Gendut, and in awe of the relationship he has with Isa. This species, which shares almost 97% of its DNA with us needs our help and the more people can connect, talk about it and act together, the more we can work to save this species and its forest home.