Leading the way for a brighter and more sustainable future

We currently live in a world that is alarmed by humanitarian crisis, disfigured by global poverty and threatened by environmental catastrophe.

Yet, in large measure, it is self-evident that our species is both the cause of the problem and it's potential solution. We now face a generational crisis, where the urgency to take action has never been greater in human history.

Below are a number of accounts from inspirational individuals that have set up organisations with the sole aim of initiating change today:

James Sancto: Founder of We Make Change

Do you want to change the world? You might want to help protect endangered species, preserve traditional customs, or prevent climate change. Whatever the cause, you probably have that burning desire to make change happen. But what can you do to make the change you want to see? You probably don’t know how you can turn that passion into meaningful action, so you do nothing.

That’s why I founded We Make Change, an online community that connects people with a passion with the organisations fighting to make change happen. The challenges the world faces today feel insurmountable, and we can often feel powerless to do anything to help solve them. By empowering individuals with the tools to fight for the causes they care about, We Make Change aims to combine our skills and resources in a collective endeavour to make a better world.

We believe that there are few causes more urgent than the need to protect the one precious planet that we have. That is why we are delighted to be working with The Conservation Project and look forward to bringing those people together that want to protect the environment for the benefit of all future generations to come.

If you are passionate about making a difference, join our community by signing up on our website (www.wemakechange.org) and like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WeMakeChangeNow).

Tahnee Barnes: Founding Director of End Extinction International

End Extinction International (EEI) is a conservation organisation dedicated to ending wildlife and environmental extinction through education, motivation and inspiration. It was founded in 2013 by Australian conservationist Tahnee Barnes. Since its inception, it has grown as a social media organisation that raises awareness for endangered species around the world, and offers people easy ways they can help to save each species.

EEI has 4 main goals:

  • Education- in schools, universities, at public events and online;
  • Conservation projects- funding projects already underway, as well as developing new ones for lesser-known species;
  • Collaboration- with other like-minded individuals and organisations. Conservation is about working together, not competing against each other;
  • Documentary- a tv series with each episode dedicated to a different endangered species.

EEI is in the process of being registered as a Not-For-Profit organisation, with a brand new website launching by November- endextinctionintl.org. You can follow us here:

Facebook: facebook.com/endextinctionintl

Instagram: endextinctionintl

Twitter: endextinction

Email: info@endextinctionintl.org

 Nancy Mudenyo Hunt: Director and Co-Founder of the Nasio Trust


In October 2000 in a small village in Western Kenya the late 79 year old Irene Mudenyo (Mother of Nancy Hunt) found an abandoned baby in a sugarcane plantation on her farm. Irene’s attempts to find the child’s parents or relatives proved futile and during the course of her search the extent to which AIDS and HIV related illness had devastated family life in the local community became apparent. These experiences lead to the formation in 2003 of The Nasio Trust.

As a result of the HIV epidemic mostly people in the parent/teacher age group are dying, leaving 1.3 million children missing school to care for sick parents or too poor to go to school because they have been orphaned. These children represent over 10% of Kenyan’s total population. Many children are now raised by their grandparents or left to fend for themselves in child-headed households. Working in partnership with children's guardians, community and local organisations The Nasio Trust ensures that Kenyan children orphaned or made vulnerable as a result of HIV can go to primary and secondary school, have opportunities after finishing school, and receive health information to reduce their vulnerability. We have helped provide a daily meal, pre-primary education and medical care for almost 400 children.

The charity continues to transform the lives of vulnerable children and the communities of Western Kenya and is working to make their Mumias & Musanda projects entirely self-sustaining by 2020 so that they can help other impoverished communities in Western Kenya.

You can follow and support us below:




Dr Alexander Adamou- The London Mathematical Laboratory


Dr Alex Adamou is a Fellow of the London Mathematical Laboratory and is an applied mathematician with interests in finance, economics and probability theory. Alex’s current work examines the mathematical frameworks in which economic ideas-such as the market efficiency, utility and wealth inequality-are usually considered. His most recent publications “Dynamics of inequality” and “Far from equilibrium: Wealth reallocation in the United States” explore the link between our current economic system and the rise in global inequality.

You can read more about Alex’s important work here at: http://lml.org.uk/

Please join The Conservation Project and our partners above, in joining the fight for a brighter and more sustainable future today.