Climate change is a vast and compelling field of study, and yet only a small part of the totality of most human knowledge. The issue if often overlooked, deemed impossible to overcome or simply disapproved by the majority of citizens. Unfortunately, 98.7% of the scientific community agrees that climate change is in fact the result of human induced activity; stemming from immense pollution, industrialisation and global population rates steadily increasing.

Planet Bound believes that a global community can successfully gather our ingenuity, technology, capital and policy to work together to turn down the heat and at the same time enable the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century. Our mission is quite simple; use the power of social media, communications and the vast interconnectedness we all share on earth, to bound earth for a sustainable horizon. In order to do this, we are using the world’s fastest growing social networking platform, Instagram, as a means to visually immerse our followers in the beauty of nature, environment and current world events. We are creating a technologically driven online community to spread an ever-growing message that we want sustainable change for all future generations.

I stand behind the work that The Conservation Project is aiming to build, a global online community to raise awareness about environmental issues and climate change is something our technologically distracted generation needs. This prominent issue is not something that our generation can overlook either. It is the most prominent threat to us as a species and must be tackled today, not tomorrow. If you would like to follow us, we are on Instagram & twitter @planet_bound or visit our

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