Introducing Fighting for a better future is a young, Swiss-based, non-profit organization focusing on coral reef restoration and protection, management of marine protected areas, conservation education, and developing alternative livelihood programs for coastal communities.

Coastal regions, from the Mediterranean, to the Caribbean, to the Indian Ocean, to Southeast Asia, experience similar threats to their marine ecosystems. specializes in revitalizing coral reefs that have been destroyed by either direct human impact like dynamite fishing and bottom trawling, or by the effects of climate change like sea temperature rise and ocean acidification. We utilize methods that accelerate coral growth and enhance coral resiliency.

 We work with governments, private organizations, companies and individuals in managing marine protected areas aimed to restore and protect marine ecosystems like corals reefs, mangroves, and sea grass beds.

We create community involvement and engagement through environmental education and alternative livelihood programs. is working to establish marine conservation projects all over the globe. We have country and regional managers implementing quality conservation projects. We are building an international conservation network to ensure the existence of thriving and healthy reefs, secure food stability in developing countries, and counteract the effects of climate change.

 With our passion for the ocean, we aim to restore and protect the marine environment to benefit not only for those in coastal areas, but all of us and the future generations.